About Me

A few years ago, after earning my Masters Degree in Fine Arts, I started designing birthday cakes for my friends and family and they were a big hit. I was a sculptor by training, but I found designing cakes to be a wonderful creative outlet. I enjoyed creating original designs so much, I soon found myself custom-making wedding invitations, stationary, wall hangings, and quilts as well.

When my friend Carleen had her first child, I had the idea of using pressed flowers to spell out her new daughter’s name. Carleen was deeply touched by the handmade and unique gift. Inspired by her reaction, I began to show some samples of my recent creations in a gallery; it wasn’t long before total strangers were asking me to create custom pressed flower designs for them. Pretty soon I was making pressed flower names and words more than cakes. People were constantly asking me if I had a website so they could look at my work; now I can happily announce that I do!

I hope you enjoy perusing my new website. Custom orders are encouraged; feel free to contact me with your ideas!


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